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Si comunica a tutti gli interessati che *giovedì 6 aprile alle ore 16,30* presso l'Aula H del Dipartimento di Chimica, Biologia e Biotecnologie (sede di Via Elce di Sotto) la *Prof.ssa Serena Viti* della University College London ( presenterà un seminario dal titolo *The formation and evolution of solar-like systems from an astrochemical perspective*

Segue abstract del seminario.

Abstract:During the formation and evolution of solar-like systems, chemistry is both a key player as well as a witness of the million-year process. In this talk I will review the process of star and planetary formation from the chemical point of view. Many molecular species are key to the formation of sun-like stars and planets: I shall describe how these molecules are believed to
form and how astronomers use them to trace the different evolutionarystages. In recent years a plethora of  'complex' organic molecules (COM) have been observed in young stellar systems. These COM trace the most compact region, where the protostar and (proto-planetary) disks form and hence may be related to the origin of life. I shall review the most recent
theories on COMs formation as well as the on-going searches for further chemical complexity in space.

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